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What is Kratom? A small evergreen tree belonging to the coffee family, kratom is a psychoactive, indigenous Southeast Asia plant

Synthetic marijuana has been used as an alternative to cannabis for years. These synthetic compounds were initially created in order

Over-the-counter cough and cold medicine contain psychoactive ingredients that cause extreme drowsiness, euphoria, and even hallucinations when taken in higher

It’s a common misconception that marijuana doesn’t have any addictive properties. While it doesn’t affect the brain in the same

We often focus on talking about how drugs and alcohol affect the body and mind on their own, but substances’

It almost seems like the brain is wired for addiction. Once the brain experiences the intense euphoria produced by opioids

Xanax is a type of benzodiazepine and a common prescription drug that treats anxiety disorders. However, prolonged usage or a

Nearly 13,200 people died from drug overdose deaths involving heroin in 2020. Although that represents a downward trend over previous

At East Point Recovery Center, we know that meeting the needs of our patients is paramount to long-term recovery. If