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Although it may seem practical to detox at home by simply weaning yourself off of drugs or alcohol, the health

The adverse effects of drug and alcohol consumption on the unborn baby have long been established. Deciding to detox when

Quitting drinking can seem quite scary. Not only is the process incredibly challenging on your psyche, but it can also

When you enter drug or alcohol detox, you’re facing one of the most challenging periods of your life. While it

The process of addiction recovery is undoubtedly quite hard on the body. Luckily, there’s plenty you can do in terms

If you’re worried about the effect of drinking too much on your life and health, you aren’t alone. Millions of

PAWS involves emotional and psychological withdrawal symptoms as the brain recalibrates following an addiction.

If you’ve thought about quitting drinking, you may have heard about “tapering down,” gradually drinking less to reduce the severity

Detox, or detoxification of addictive substances in the body, is the first step in addiction recovery. Once your body is

The first step in addiction treatment is removing toxic chemicals, drugs, alcohol, or both from your system. The first few

Going through detox is the first step in drug or alcohol addiction recovery. Detox is the detoxification process of the

If you’ve decided to seek treatment for your alcohol addiction, the first step, even before you start your program, is