Our Story

East Point Recovery Centers, a clinically infused 12-Step treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction, was founded by two partners in addiction treatment services, John Checchi and Michael Wilson. 

Unlike many drug and alcohol treatment programs, East Point practices the 12-Step philosophy integrated with clinical modalities. As a team, their overarching goal is to provide compassionate and customized care and offer hope to those who feel hopeless.

East Point Recovery Centers is located at 950 Cummings Center Suite 106-X Beverly, MA. The center offers a variety of therapies, including, but not limited to

Relapse Prevention

Mindfulness Training

Stress Management

Model of Addiction

Recovery Skills

Group Support

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

The Center Offers 3 Treatment Levels, for Both Men and Women. The Treatment Levels Are:

VIOP, Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program

Let’s Start Together: We Provide Solutions for Everyone