The Risks of Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic marijuana has been used as an alternative to cannabis for years. These synthetic compounds were initially created in order to help scientists research the effect of cannabis on the body. However, they’ve since escaped outside science labs and can be found on the black market, as well as in some gas stations and convenience stores. Although they can sometimes be marketed as natural substances, that’s not true — they are always at least partially synthetic.

What’s Synthetic Marijuana?

Just like all synthetic drugs, synthetic marijuana is made in labs, often underground and outside the United States. Most commonly, producers spray this chemical compound over some plants and deceptively market their products as natural. It affects the same brain receptors that cannabis does but many users report that it gives them a different and less potent high. It’s also known for its highly unpleasant, chemical taste.

Synthetic marijuana is an illegal and dangerous substance than can be found under various brand names. Manufacturers often change the compounds they use in order to escape law enforcement — they switch to a new chemical formula once the previous one becomes illegal. It’s important to keep in mind that synthetic marijuana is far more dangerous than cannabis as it doesn’t occur in nature. On top of that, it’s not regulated so you have no way of knowing what substances it includes or what kind of effect it’s going to have on your body.

Why Is It Dangerous?

There’s a widespread perception that synthetic marijuana is safe to use as some substances are legal. It can also be perceived as a natural product which gives users a sense of security. However, neither of those is true. Manufacturers don’t inform users about what chemicals are used. Thus, there’s no way of knowing what drug you’re consuming or what the concentration is. This makes it very easy to consume too much or even overdose, which can be very dangerous. Even more concerningly, as manufacturers often switch up ingredients to stay ahead of law enforcement, some synthetic marijuana can contain multiple ingredients which can become toxic when consumed together. This can cause confusion, hallucinations, bleeding, and even death. What’s more, these symptoms are very challenging for doctors to treat, as it’s impossible for them to keep on top of the ever-changing ingredients in synthetic marijuana.

Ready to Quit?

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