The 12 Step Program: Step 6

You’ve officially reached Step 6 and are now halfway through the 12-step recovery program. How exciting! Thus far, this journey has been filled with enlightenment and progress which should be celebrated and embraced while acknowledging that the road to sobriety and long-term recovery is one that takes time and consistent effort. Step 6 is all about ridding yourself of the negative thoughts and behaviors that you’ve acknowledged up to this point. Step 6 states that, “we’re entirely ready to have God remove our defects of character.” Up until this point we’ve acknowledged areas of our life that need improvement and Step 6 puts us to work to rid ourselves of just that.


What does Step 6 accomplish?


During Step 4, of the 12-step recovery program, we made a conscious and moral inventory of ourselves. We outlined, in detail, all of the flaws that made up our character during our fight with addiction. We discussed situations that we faced, negative choices that we made and the overall concept that addiction controlled our lives. During Step 6, we work to rid ourselves of past flaws and current character inconsistencies so that we may move successfully down the road to recovery with a fresh perspective, positive coping skills and admirable character traits. 


What ideas can you share to successfully conquer Step 6?


Since this is the first time we are actively working to change our entire character makeup and thought process, the best advice is to rid yourself of the idea of perfectionism. You are, and always will be, a beautiful work in progress. Aiming for a false idea of whatever “perfect” may look like to you will set you up for unrealistic ideals and, ultimately, a higher risk of failure. Focus, instead, on actions you can take to rid yourself of the flaws you’ve outlined and create a healthier relationship with your inner being. In order to move on from your past, you have to be willing to let go of all the flaws you have and move forward with new ideas and traits for long-term success. Remember, not all of your character traits are negative, use the positive ones you already possess to successfully change the negative ones.  Celebrate each milestone and be proud of yourself for all that you’ve accomplished. Set small goals based around your larger milestones and enjoy this new season of your life, fully sober. 


What is the goal of Step 6?


The goal of Step 6 is an internal transformation of your character. You are changing your mindset and actively pursuing your negative thoughts and actions to rid yourself of them fully. Focus on the positive traits that you want to carry with you through your journey of long-term recovery. Aim to add those to your internal being and see how much your world, as you currently know it, will change radically for the better. In order to live a life of sobriety, for the long-term, focusing a lot of time and attention on changing the route cause of your addiction is key to breaking the negative addiction cycle. 


If you had to describe Step 6 in one word what would it be?


Transformation. This step is all about moving forward and clearing your past from your new journey. Up until this point you’ve taken accountability for your actions and negative behavior, but Step 6 tests your willingness to fully succumb to your future by ridding yourself of past flaws. This step is a rebuilding phase of your recovery story. You are checking your negative character flaws at the door and jumping headfirst into new and positive character traits changes for your life. Your willingness to push through this step will bring an internal transformation that you have not experienced up to this point. Once accomplished you will feel renewed, empowered and ready to conquer what is next is for your sobriety goals. You are slowly, but surely, transforming yourself and taking back your life. 


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