Men Seeking Addiction Treatment in Boston 

Substance abuse disorders are often looked upon in bad light. This can lead those suffering the most to withdraw from their families and loved ones out of feelings of shame or embarrassment. Removing the taboo behind problem drug or alcohol use is something we must work together as a society to remove. Allowing others to receive the help they need without judgement is the clearest path to decreasing the amount of damage done by these substances to the mind and body of users.

Approaching addiction treatment can seem like an insurmountable task at first, but with the help of compassionate medical professionals, rehabilitation can be just a phone call away. The team at East Point Recovery Center focuses on this high level of accessibility to make getting treatment the easiest part of the path to independence. Even the strongest of men can fall victim to the overpowering draw of addiction.

The Different Types of Addiction Treated

The expert team at East Point Recovery Center can help patients tackle both drug and alcohol abuse or addiction. Understanding the impacts each type of addiction can have is important to proper treatment plan creation. While addiction traits are shared between the two, the psychological and physical impacts can vary greatly. Don’t let abuse go untreated as you’ll find yourself turning into someone other than the man your friends and family have come to love.

Alcohol abuse is an extremely common form of addiction. A contributing factor is the public acceptance of alcohol, even as more studies are completed showing that alcohol only impacts your body and mind negatively. Being a legally obtained substance also makes those looking for a substance to gravitate towards alcohol.

Drug addiction and abuse can be harder to spot depending on the severity and type of drug being abused. Drug use is often done to combat specific feelings or traits that the user no longer wishes to deal with while sober. At times this can make it appear they are doing better, having defeated their previous problems. The reality is that they are simply shoving them down more, furthering their dependence on the drug in question until the addiction becomes crippling.

Outpatient Programs To Help Addiction

The programs administered by East Point Recovery Center were created to match the best treatment options available to every patient’s individual needs. Currently the three recovery tracks offered are day treatment, intensive outpatient and standard outpatient treatment.

Day treatment is one of the highest committal options, requiring patients to spend their days at the recovery center where they undergo similar treatment to a full-time rehabilitation center but letting patients spend nights in the comfort of their own home. It requires clients to be fully on-board with the process but is highly effective for men suffering the most from addiction.

Intensive outpatient treatment is a higher intensity option compared to regular outpatient treatment. Intensive treatment is a level below day treatment, ideal for men struggling heavily with addiction but have obligations and responsibilities that must be met throughout the day. There are multiple sessions required each week with time requirements for attendance as well.

Men who find themselves concerned about becoming addicted or begin abusing substances may only need outpatient treatment to help keep their habits from becoming problematic. Working around your schedule, outpatient treatment gives you the resources and help needed to make sure your independence isn’t taken by drugs or alcohol.

If you or someone you care for is struggling with addiction, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at East Point Recovery Center today for a professional and confidential consultation at (855) 88-SOBER.