Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in Massachusetts

Get connected with quality an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in Massachusetts at Baystate Recovery Center.

Intensive Outpatient Program is a drug and alcohol treatment program that helps people overcome their addiction while juggling responsibilities. Treatment programs can continue while the patient lives at home, works, and takes care of their family. At Baystate Recovery Center, we offer second to none programs for IOP in Massachusetts. We have helped patients overcome substance dependency and restore balance in their lives using the best treatment methods and practices, and we are ready to help you too.

An Overview of Our IOP Services

When selecting a drug and alcohol treatment facility, it is important to view the services being offered. At Baystate Recovery center, we have the finest Massachusetts IOP for you or your loved one battling addiction. Here is an overview of our services.

  • Individualized Treatment

When choosing an IOP program, you should check whether they have private and personal sessions with a therapist. At Baystate Recovery Center, we provide customized IOP treatment for our patients. Our clients have one-on-one sessions with therapists to discuss their struggles. That way, the therapist is able to identify the kind of treatment plan that best suits the patient’s needs to achieve full recovery.

  • Daytime IOP

At Baystate Recovery Center, patients in IOP have daytime sessions that run from 9 a.m. to 12.30 a.m. from Monday to Friday. This schedule makes it easy for patients to get back to their daily activities through the rest of the day. The program is especially ideal for patients who require little to no monitoring. If you’re searching for an “Intensive Outpatient program near me,” it would be advisable to select one that best fits your daily schedule. 

  • Group Therapy 

Patients in recovery benefit greatly from group activities in the rehabilitation centers. We offer the best IOP daytime services that cover two minimum sessions: a therapy group and a skills group. The therapy group helps individuals address issues that currently concern them, and the skills group focuses on recovery skills. These group activities help patients connect with others within the community and encourage them to open up about their struggles.

  • Evidence-Based Behavioral Therapies

At Baystate Recovery Centre, we have the finest Massachusetts intensive outpatient program. Our program incorporates evidence-based behavioral therapies that have been proven to increase the chances of a successful recovery.

Our approaches, which include dialectical and cognitive behavioral therapy, work to modify the behaviors and attitudes of patients regarding their substance use. They increase the ability of patients to handle challenging situations and cravings that might trigger alcohol or drug use.

  • Life Skills Therapy

Patients with substance use disorder should be actively involved in life skills therapy programs. A good IOP provides a life skills education as a support system that will help teach individuals how to get their life back on track after struggling with substance abuse. Perhaps one of the hardest yet rewarding life skill is rebuilding relationships with those you care about.

Quality IOP Services for You

A good support system is mandatory for patients struggling with substance use disorders. At Baystate Recovery Centre, we offer the finest IOP in Massachusetts, and we are ready to walk the sobriety journey with you. Contact Baystate Recovery Center to speak with our addiction treatment specialist or verify your insurance on (855) 88-SOBER.