How to Know You Need Professional Drug Rehab

For America, the drug abuse crisis is an epidemic that kills countless people and costs $740 billion annually. For the people who are living through addiction, it’s a constant struggle that can jeopardize their finances and social circles. If you’ve just recently started abusing drugs, it might not be that bad for you yet and you may be able to stop quickly.

However, there comes a point where it becomes virtually impossible to get clean on your own. After you cross this threshold, you should at least consider outpatient treatment as an accessible, practical way to get help. It can be hard to admit you’ve crossed the threshold of needing help, though. Here are some signs that you need professional rehab to beat your substance use issues.

You Constantly Think About Drugs

Getting high can create feelings of intense euphoria and alter your mental state to the point of fostering dependence over time. As your body becomes dependent on the drug and as your habits become more deeply ingrained, you’ll eventually find yourself struggling to think about anything but drug abuse.

You Postpone Attempting to Quit

The most common refrain among those who are falling into addiction is that they can quit at any time. This is usually just a comforting thought, but sometimes people do try to set limits, boundaries, and timetables for themselves. Fear of failing or of being without the drug eventually causes people to cross these boundaries and postpone attempting to quit, which is a sign that your drug use is no longer truly in your control.

Your Health Is Beginning to Suffer

People often turn to drugs as a coping mechanism for physical and mental pain, but addiction will take a heavy toll on your health with time. The shape of these effects varies, but addiction generally has the effect of fostering obsessive thought patterns and isolating behaviors that will harm your mental state. Physically, drugs that you smoke can have very immediate downward effects on your energy levels and many substances can cause fatigue and weight loss over time.

You’re Losing Interest in Friends and Hobbies

At first, drug abuse can cause your social life to deteriorate by making you prioritize drugs over other things in your life. Eventually, though, this will go further to you lacking any real interest in the social connections and hobbies that you used to find joy in. If nothing interests you anymore except for getting high, then you need help.

Hours or a Day Without Drugs Cause Withdrawal

Physical symptoms of withdrawal after going a short time without using drugs are a sign that your body has become dependent. By this stage, quitting on your own would be difficult and potentially hazardous to your health, although not nearly as hazardous as continuing to use drugs. However, you can overcome addiction safely and start rebuilding your health and your life with the help of East Point Recovery Center.

East Point Recovery Center Drug Rehab

At East Point Recovery Center, we run a variety of addiction treatment programs and can help choose the one that suits you best. There’s no shame in needing help, and if you’ve realized that you can’t get out of this alone, we’re here for you. Call today to learn more about how we can help.