How Long Is The Rehab Process?

At East Point Recovery Center, many clients ask how long the rehab process takes. Honestly, that depends on numerous factors. First, it depends on the type of program you choose. Residential addiction treatment programs typically take 60 to 90 days of full-time commitment. Residential programs are often the best treatment for those with severe addictions or who have gone through outpatient treatment then relapsed.

Should You Consider Outpatient Treatment for Shorter Timelines?

If you’re coming out of a residential treatment program or have a less severe substance use disorder, outpatient treatment might work for you. Outpatient treatment programs allow you to work and have time with your family while receiving the treatment you need.

You are finally ready to accept help and look at different rehab programs. You may worry that addiction recovery will require more time than you have to give. Although you’re dedicated to seeking the right resources to put alcohol or drug use disorders in your past, you need a program that accommodates your lifestyle and obligations.

How Long Is the Outpatient Rehab Process?

Outpatient treatment programs often run between 28 to 30 days, with the possibility of extension on a case-by-case basis. Following a detox process that takes about one to two weeks, you undergo an assessment that will help our staff determine the right treatment program for you.

Outpatient treatment programs include intensive outpatient treatment and traditional outpatient treatment programs. The length of your treatment depends on the severity of your addiction, your commitment to working the program and your support system outside of East Point Recovery Center.

Partial Hospitalization Rehab Programs

Partial hospitalization or PHP programs involve longer stays during the day. You will still return home at the end of your treatment. Many people who attend PHP programs have already attended residential treatment programs and those who complete PHP programs may go on to outpatient or intensive outpatient programs. The time frame varies from person to person, but many clients remain in this program for several weeks or longer. In this program, you commit to four to six hours per day three to five days per week of immersive addiction treatment.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Intensive outpatient treatment programs typically run for three to five hours a day up to five days a week. In this program, you will receive individual therapy, group therapy and take classes designed to help you cope with cravings and withdrawal symptoms and develop new interests outside of using alcohol or drugs.

Sometimes called a day program, IOP programs better fit your schedule if you have small children who require your care, work or go to school or have a strong support system at home.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment programs are usually a step down from IOP treatment programs. whether you come to the outpatient program first or participate after completing a residential or intensive outpatient treatment program, it’s beneficial for those who wish to continue school or work commitment.

This integrated approach can help you transition back to sober living on your own. It provides dedicated therapists and medical professionals who can administer medication to help you overcome your addiction and ensure that you remain in good mental and physical health.

Contact East Point Recovery Center with any questions you have on specific timelines for your individual journey. Outpatient treatment provides the help you need to overcome addiction without the extensive stay required by inpatient care. However, it’s important to assess the right program for you!