Can I Afford Addiction Treatment?

Addiction and substance use disorders can be extremely costly and may lead to serious financial problems when drugs and alcohol are prioritized over bills like rent or mortgage, insurance, and car payments. When you’re ready to get help, the idea of paying for addiction treatment can be overwhelming — especially if your resources are already drained from substance abuse. Fortunately, drug rehab can be made completely affordable on behalf of today’s wide range of treatment programs, payment options, and third-party funding.

Do you need addiction treatment but aren’t sure about costs? Here’s more about the cost of rehab and how you can find affordable addiction treatment.

What Is the Cost of Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

The cost of addiction treatment can range anywhere from free to several thousand dollars per month depending on factors such as location, services, the program type and length, and amenities. Residential and inpatient treatment centers tend to be more costly than outpatient centers since patients live at the facilities and are provided with housing, food, and housekeeping services. Other factors that can affect the cost of rehab are whether you need drug and alcohol detox and whether you need medication maintenance to overcome dependence on substances like heroin, painkillers, and alcohol.

If you’re feeling any hesitation about seeking addiction treatment due to financial hardship, keep in mind that the costs associated with continued drug use are much higher. Legal fees, loss of employment, and hospitalization are just some costs you may face if you don’t receive treatment.

What Are Different Payment Options for Addiction Treatment?

Many rehab centers offer several payment options to accommodate those who need help recovering from addiction. Health insurance plans including Medicaid and Medicare may cover some or all costs of addiction treatment, while federal and state programs may offer free or lost-cost treatment to qualifying individuals. You can also pay for treatment using cash, or ask about sliding scale fees that base the cost of treatment on your income.

Can I Just Do Drug or Alcohol Detox at Home?

If you’re trying to save money, you may be tempted to detox from drugs and alcohol at home. However, many at-home drug detox kits are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and may cause adverse effects without relieving your symptoms. Detoxing at home also increases your risk for serious, life-threatening complications from withdrawal. For instance, those who do an at-home alcohol detox face the risk of delirium tremens — a severe form of alcohol withdrawal that causes seizures and irregular heartbeat.

Getting a medical detox at drug rehab is often far less costly than repeatedly trying and failing to overcome addiction at home. Medical drug detox at rehab involves the use of medications that reduce withdrawal symptoms, along with individualized nutrition plans that ensure your body receives essential nutrients that facilitate your recovery.

How to Find Affordable Addiction Treatment

Many drug rehab centers accept most health insurance plans, including Aetna, United, Cigna, and Tricare. When researching your treatment options, ask the rehab center to perform an insurance verification check to confirm whether your health insurer can cover some of your treatment costs.

Fill out our quick and easy insurance verification form to learn more about the cost of addiction treatment at East Point Recovery Center. Getting help today can allow you to safely and effectively overcome drug or alcohol addiction and achieve improved overall health and mental clarity.