Best Online Resources for Alcoholics

Alcohol is the most commonly abused drug, with millions of people suffering from alcohol addiction. Of those millions, hundreds enter sobriety programs every day, choosing their health and sobriety. Support is critical for people with Substance Use Disorder(SUD), the mental health term for alcoholism, from their family and from sober peers, people who have also suffered from alcohol addiction, and understand the challenges and triggers many addicts face.

While there is no substitute for professional addiction counseling and help, many people find comfort in using online tools to stay sober, connect with others in recovery, and get tips for beating triggers. If you’ve considered quitting drinking, you may have started line research. These are our top 7 picks for the best online resources for alcoholics:

  1. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): The grandfather of all addiction programs, AA is a fellowship of recovering alcoholics who share one common goal: the desire to get and stay sober. This is a 12-step program where members work through their reasons for drinking and find support and mentorship. Meetings are available online, as is a copy of the Big Book, the process for performing the 12 Steps.
  2. Drug and Alcohol Helpline: this is a resource for the general public and healthcare professionals to learn more about substance abuse and find treatment programs in their area.
  3. Hazelden: this is a treatment and addiction research facility that explores the nature of addiction and different evidence-based practices for treating it. Its website offers many tools to help people learn more about addiction, treatment options, and family support tools.
  4. Women For Sobriety: This is a free online support program for women with SUD. Often, women may not seek treatment because there is more of a stigma surrounding women alcoholics than men. It offers online chats for immediate support and a program that contains 13 affirmations to help women in recovery remain sober.
  5. Soberistas: Unlike AA or the SMART recovery program, Soberistas does not rely on a strict methodology for addiction treatment support and recovery, which some people may find more effective because it is less controlled. The website has a small membership fee, which gives access to educational videos and blogs, plus a 24-hour online support chat group.
  6. In The Rooms: This is the most comprehensive site for different addiction support meetings. It offers online relay chatrooms, as well as video chat spaces, for face-to-face support. Unlike other sobriety sites that have online meetings that are just dealing with one of the 12 Steps or other addiction work, In The Rooms is a place for fellow “sobernauts” to socialize in between meetings, as well as helping addicts form connections with others in recovery.
  7. Sober Grid: This is a website and an app that connects fellow people in recovery. It’s similar to dating in-app in that you can meet others in your community, but unlike an app, all are welcome and can participate in group chats. There is also a feature called “burning desire” that users can activate that sends a help call or indicates that the user urgently needs help.

Do You Need Help For an Alcohol Addiction?

We can help. East Point Recovery Center provides several programs to help people with an alcohol addiction get sober and stay sober. We offer intensive outpatient therapy, full-day services, and family therapy to help you rebuild connections and strengthen your support network. We use evidence-based techniques from counselors and therapists trained in addiction therapy. Contact us today for a compassionate evaluation of your needs.