Alcohol Abuse Treatment in Massachusetts

Problem drinking has various causes, with social, psychological, genetic, and physiological factors all playing a part. Every person is affected differently by each cause. For some people with alcohol use disorder, they drink to cope with emotional issues. For others, psychological traits like low self-esteem increase the chances of developing an alcohol dependence. Sexual abuse, physical abuse, poverty, genetic factors, and peer pressure make some individuals prone to alcohol dependence. And unlike what most people believe, being able to hold your liquor actually makes you more at risk for alcohol problems. Once an individual starts drinking excessively, they become more vulnerable to physiological changes that demand more drinking to prevent the discomfort. 

So, how do you quit drinking? With the help of alcohol abuse treatment centers in Massachusetts. At East Point Recovery Center, we’re one of the leading Massachusetts rehab centers that offer evidence-based, effective, and compassionate treatment for alcohol use disorders.

Understanding the True Nature of Alcohol Abuse Disorder

People often deny they have a drinking problem or hide their drinking. AUD (Alcohol use disorder) is characterized by dangerous or unhealthy drinking habits like drinking excessively at a time or drinking daily. Alcohol use disorder can range from mild to moderate to severe. When you have AUD, you still drink even with the problems your drinking is causing. Normally, you have a craving to drink and feel you must take alcohol to get by. Persons with an alcohol use disorder mostly drink partly to avoid or reduce the withdrawal symptoms.

AUD can land you in legal problems such as drunk driving. It can also damage your relationships and cause you to neglect your duties and obligations like going to work or taking care of your family.

Why Professional Treatment is The Best Choice for Getting Sober and Staying Sober Long-Term

Alcohol use disorder is not a lack of willpower or weakness. It is a chronic, long-term disease. Trying to quit taking alcohol through willpower alone isn’t enough. Most individuals require outside help from a professional for alcohol recovery in Massachusetts.

There are varied protocols for treating alcohol use disorder, depending on the individual. People are different, and as such, a one size fits all approach to AUD treatment won’t work for everyone. Seeking professional help is the best choice to help an individual stop drinking and achieve lasting sobriety. In addition to alcohol detox programs in Massachusetts, top-rated rehabs also offer medical stabilization.

When someone quits drinking suddenly after heavy drinking for some time, they usually experience withdrawal symptoms. As a result, severe, life-threatening symptoms can develop that need immediate medical attention. Seeking treatment from rehab will ensure you get the initial stabilization as well as ongoing, close monitoring to keep you safe.

Get Your Life Back on Track With East Point Recovery Center

Untreated alcohol use disorder can result in serious chronic health conditions, including heart damage, high blood pressure, stroke, liver damage, and even death. As the best Massachusetts alcohol detox treatment facility, we offer individualized, science-backed treatment that addresses the body, spirit, and mind to ensure a successful and lasting recovery. If you have an alcohol use problem, do not wait until it becomes worse. As one of the best alcohol abuse treatment centers in Massachusetts, we can help. Contact East Point Recovery Center to speak confidentially with an addiction treatment specialist or to verify your insurance on (855) 88-SOBER.