Traveling While in Addiction Recovery

While addiction recovery may be a very challenging time, for many people, it provides a perfect opportunity to explore their interests. Whether they’re discovering new things they love or going back to abandoned old hobbies, many tend to find that quitting substance use frees up a lot of time and space for them to fill up with things they enjoy. Traveling is one of the most popular activities people take up in addiction recovery — for a good reason. It’s near-universally enjoyable, and it has the potential to be a powerfully transformative experience. Here we’ve compiled some reasons you should consider traveling during recovery.

Travel Can Support Addiction Recovery

Many find the early stages of recovery especially challenging, as they find themselves surrounded by triggers, such as people and situations that they associate with substance use. This can make it hard to stay sober, as navigating such situations often requires willpower. Research shows that such difficulties are pretty standard but fortunately, there’s plenty one can do to overcome them. Travel is the easiest way to temporarily leave their daily routine and immerse themselves in a novel environment. It can be a tremendous relief from the temptations and struggles in their everyday life, which often feels like a breath of fresh air. It can also dramatically decrease stress levels and enable people to refrain from substance use.

A New Sense of Purpose

Many people struggle with having little sense of direction once they’re in recovery. Luckily, for many, travel is one of the most accessible and fun ways to work on developing a new path for themselves. They often find it a wonderful opportunity to think about how they’d like to spend their days and ultimately, their lives. Travel allows them to explore what it’s like to get enjoyment out of seemingly mundane, everyday activities rather than substances. A lot of people find that the benefits last long after they’ve returned from their trip, as they maintain the perspective they’ve gained during their travels. For instance, they find that they’ve begun to approach life with an open mind, feel more connected to others, and have a newfound passion and curiosity for the world around them.

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