Tips to Enjoy a Sober Holiday Season

The holiday season is here. While many people emphasize going to parties to get drunk with friends, those who are living a sober lifestyle need to find ways that they can enjoy the festivities without turning to alcohol.

Unfortunately, the holiday season is one of the times when people tend to¬†overindulge in alcohol. Because of this, anyone who’s hosting a party should have non-alcoholic options for those who have had enough and for those who don’t want to consume alcohol.

Address Your Emotional Needs

The emotions that come with the holiday season are sometimes very intense. They may be unexpected and different than what you’re used to dealing with. This could make it harder to cope with them because your usual methods don’t work. Instead of allowing those emotions to consume you, take the time to work through them as they come so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

Plan Your Support System

You need to have a good support system to help you get through the holidays. There are a few things to consider as you determine who you’re going to turn to. Be sure that you have someone who you can contact around the clock for help so that you have their support and can talk through things that are challenging you at that moment.

You also need someone who will be your sidekick at any parties you’re going to. This person should commit to remaining sober with you so that you know you aren’t going to be the only sober person who’s at the party. You and your support person might even be able to help others by offering to be a designated driver.

Find Alternative Activities

Sometimes, it’s best to avoid festivities that involve alcohol, especially if you’re just starting out your sobriety journey. Finding other options, such as going sledding or snuggling up with hot chocolate to watch movies with your loved ones, can be just as much fun as going to a party with alcohol.

If you do find that you need to attend a gathering that contains alcohol, such as the family Christmas, stay away from the bar area. The key to doing this is that you remain as far away from the temptation as you can while still enjoying time with your family members.

Get Help If You Need It

The holidays are a stressful time for most people. This might lead some individuals to feel like they need to turn to alcohol to cope. The team at East Point Recovery Center is here to help you if you find yourself in that position. Give us a call at 855-88-SOBER to speak to one of our experienced professionals to get the help you need during this holiday season.