How to Throw an Amazing Sober Party

Planning your first sober party can seem a bit daunting. After all, many of us associate partying with alcohol and drug consumption so it’s only natural that you may feel a bit nervous. Although it may seem overwhelming at first, organizing a sober party can be a lot of fun and your friends are likely to enjoy it just as much or more than events involving substances.

Be Clear about Your Expectations

It’s important to be perfectly clear with your friends and everyone you invite. Tell them that you intend to host a sober party and you’re not okay with substance use during the event. You may also choose to tell them that they need to be fully sober when they arrive as you don’t want anyone to be intoxicated, even if they don’t drink or use at the event itself. Make sure to point out that these rules fully apply to anyone else they may choose to bring along.

Not everyone is okay with firm ground rules like this, so you might face some pushback. Some of your guests may try to bargain or argue with your decision. If that’s the case, please remember that you don’t need to defend yourself — simply restate your sobriety rule. Let them know that you’d love to see them at the event but accept their answer if they refuse to come. Being this direct can feel strange at first and you may even worry about appearing rude or uncompromising. However, there’s nothing wrong with having firm boundaries, especially when it comes to your recovery. You’re fully within your right to expect your friends to respect your journey to sobriety and refrain from consuming alcohol or other substances at your party.

The Fun Part

Now that you’ve got your serious conversations out of the way, you’re going to have a much easier time enjoying the preparation stage. Although there won’t be any alcohol, you may still opt for some fun beverages. For example, try making mocktails or buy some soda you’ve never tried. You may also opt to make food the star of the event, so maybe experiment with new flavors or offer a lot of options. Most importantly, consider what kinds of activities you may enjoy doing during the party. The best option, of course, is to take account of the interests of your guests and try to appeal to them as much as possible. If you’re not so sure where to start, try out some party games, or choose some fun music to dance to just to break the ice. Soon everyone will be having a great time — after all, the most important part of a party is the people who attend.

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