Best Apps for Recovering Alcoholics

If you’re a recovering alcoholic or the loved one of a recovering alcoholic, you know that far more is needed to stay sober than an app on your smartphone. No app can take the place of professional treatment. However, recovery apps are exciting tools that help keep you on a healthy path, connect you to support, and provide help with relapse prevention. Take a look at some of the best apps for recovering alcoholics available today.

I Am Sober

This app, available for free on the iOS and Android platforms, provides a structure that helps those seeking to remain sober. With this app, you can log your sobriety milestones, track your sober days, motivate new habits through daily pledges, and count up all the money you’ve saved by not buying drugs or alcohol. The app also offers a withdrawal timeline so you can plan for the future in the early days of your sobriety and motivational quotes to keep you going. While I Am Sober is free, you can purchase in-app resources to further your sober journey. Use the app for journaling and staying connected with people who can deliver encouragement and support.

Sober Grid

When it comes to fostering community, this app for iOS and Android devices is at the top of the list. A 24/7 peer support network gives you someone to reach out to around the clock, and you can protect your anonymity if you choose. A sobriety counter and online quests help you track your recovery journey. While the basic app is free, if you want to go for the paid option, you’ll get access to certified peer support coaches who have succeeded on their sobriety journeys and undergone more than 500 hours of training, and can connect you to other resources.

Sober Tool

Encourage healthy emotions and coping mechanisms with this app that makes it easy to connect with your feelings and those who can support you. A chat forum allows anonymous connection, and motivational messages help you retain focus. Developed by a Harvard-educated addiction counselor and an Ohio State University team, this extremely customized app provides professional techniques for staying sober, including a tool that helps you avoid relapse when the cravings strike. A sobriety counter lets you track your progress and the money you’re saving by not drinking.


Nomo makes tracking your sobriety simple with a series of clocks that you can customize to track anything you want, including your progress and healthy (or unhealthy) habits. You can also send your milestones to your partners in sobriety or post them on social media, or you can use the app’s notification abilities to reach out for help when needed. Developed by someone who wanted to keep his sobriety on track, Nomo is free and available on the iOS and Android platforms. Take advantage of its encouragement wall, journaling capabilities, and mental exercises to keep you focused.

An app alone won’t provide all the tools you need to stay sober. When it’s time for professional intervention, East Point Recovery Center uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and group and family therapy to address your specific issues and provide the comprehensive treatment you need. Contact us today to see how we can help.