East Point Recovery Center: Beverly, MA

If you’ve decided to seek help with your addiction struggles, congratulations! You’re committing yourself and taking the first step towards a life of sobriety. However, you may be struggling to find the right drug rehab center in Beverly, MA. If you’re seeking a confidential, professional program offering help for men and women with flexible programs, East Point Recovery Center has plenty to offer you.

Sobriety is essential, so it’s essential to consider a few key factors to select the right drug rehab center.

Find a Center That Fits Your Rehab Goals

Every drug rehab center has different specialties and focuses. At East Point Recovery Center, we incorporate a 12-step program into either intensive day treatment, intensive outpatient, or regulated outpatient treatment. Many people find success with the community aspect of a 12-step program, and it’s something that provides continuity for people in early sobriety as they level down to less intensive therapies.

Your goal may be to get clean, but beyond that, what are your other goals with rehab? Are you seeking a dual-diagnosis program and wish treatment for both? Or do you need to detox safely?

Consulting with a medical provider can help you find a facility that closely aligns with your treatment goals. We offer addiction treatment and underlying conditions, like mental health concerns, that can contribute to addiction.

Review Several Drug Rehab Centers

Each Beverly, MA, treatment center has a different feel. Some people prefer exclusively male or female treatment centers, while others may benefit from a different point of view. You may benefit from visiting a couple of different facilities before committing.

Many factors contribute to which factors may be best for your circumstances, including:

  • Inpatient vs. outpatient treatment. We offer several levels of therapy to fit your life and needs.
  • What kind of specialties does the facility offer? Some focus on alcoholism exclusively, while others take a holistic approach to sobriety.
  • What kind of therapy is available? Many facilities mix group and individual therapies, while others embrace things like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, focusing more on the individual.
  • What amenities does the facility offer? Will you have meals, or an exercise room, if you’re attending inpatient day therapy? Will you be able to use the phone or WiFi?
  • Location: Do you need a drug rehab center near Beverly, MA? Some people may not be able to travel far for treatment.

A big barrier to seeking treatment for many people is the cost associated with it. The cost of each facility varies, but many people may be able to use their insurance, including The Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare), Medicaid and Medicare, or their own private health insurance. Don’t let the cost of treatment prohibit you from seeking help. We can help you determine what your insurance covers.

East Point Recovery Center in Beverly, MA

We offer several options for both men and women, from intensive day-patient treatment to outpatient therapy. We’ll work with you to verify your insurance treatments and find options that meet your needs. In addition to patient-centered treatment, based on the 12 steps, we also offer family therapy, which can help you rebuild relationships with your loved ones.

We use science-based addiction treatment programs, including Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy plus group therapy, to address different aspects of addiction. Contact us today to discuss your options!