How East Point Recovery Center offers the Best IOP in MA

If you’re looking for treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, you may have heard the acronym IOP tossed around. What is IOP? Is IOP the right choice for your addiction therapy? Today, we’re looking closer at IOP and how the program at East Point Recovery Center is the best IOP provider in Massachusetts.

What is IOP?

IOP stands for Intensive Outpatient Treatment, and it’s a popular model for many addiction treatment centers. Unlike traditional inpatient rehabilitation, where clients live in the residential treatment facility and participate in different treatment sessions during the day, IOP clients return home each night. IOP day sessions are similar to those in a residential rehab facility. Participants attend group sessions to learn about the nature of addiction and what can cause someone to drink or use drugs. They also attend small group therapy sessions, as well as individual therapy sessions.

How Does IOP Help Addiction?

The intensive treatment of IOP allows participants to maintain obligations to work, school, or family while still receiving the benefits of intensive, focused addiction therapy. It’s best for people with a strong support system at home or living somewhere where drugs and alcohol aren’t present, like a sober living facility or halfway house.

IOP clients receive the same level of therapy that a residential addiction participant would and are regularly tested for drug and alcohol use. They are encouraged to contribute in group sessions and, in one-on-one settings, understand more what may have led them to start depending on drugs or alcohol. Many people in IOP may have a co-occurring mental illness, such as anxiety, depression, or PTSD, and are self-medicating with drugs and alcohol. IOP clients may also receive a diagnosis and treatment plan for that disorder.

There is more personal accountability for people in IOP. They are responsible for staying sober while at home each evening and on the weekends, whereas residents of an inpatient program are shielded from exposure to drugs or alcohol. So, the program may not be appropriate for someone who is in an unstable living situation or where someone else in the home drinks or uses drugs.

The East Point Recovery Center IOP Experience

East Point Recovery Centers focuses on evidence-based addiction treatment programs. Unlike many addiction treatment centers in the state, we integrate a 12-step philosophy with clinical modalities. Our treatment seeks to look at the person as a whole instead of just treating the addiction.

Our IOP program gives you the daily support you need while allowing you the flexibility to continue working and raising your family. You’ll receive individual therapy to help you manage specific stressors and trauma you’ve experienced and work with a licensed professional to develop skills to overcome substance dependence.

We offer daily IOP Monday through Friday, from 9 am until 12:30 pm, including both group and individual therapy. Clients will attend a daily skills group to learn recovery skills and a therapy group where they can address and share issues of current concern. All East Point Recovery Center IOP participants are required to be alcohol and drug tested in order to monitor their continued sobriety.

Are You Ready to Start IOP at East Point Recovery Center?

Are you struggling with drug or alcohol addiction? The professionals at East Point Recovery Center can help you learn more about our excellent IOP program and determine if it’s right for you. Contact us today for a confidential analysis of your treatment needs and to enroll in IOP.