5 Habits I Can Start to Help This Be My Best Sober Year Yet

Whether you’re just beginning your fight against your addictions, you’ve been sober for years, or you’re somewhere in-between, developing healthy habits is key to achieving lasting sobriety.

Here are five simple habits you can start right now to make this your best sober year yet:

1. Stick to a daily routine

A daily schedule filled with healthy activities can go a long way towards helping you maintain your sobriety. Not only does having a routine help give you a sense of control over your life, but knowing what you have planned each day reduces the risk of engaging in unhealthy, spontaneous behaviors that can sabotage your sobriety.

2. Maintain a journal

Keeping a journal, or diary, is an exceptionally effective way to stay on top of your thoughts, feelings and attitude. Not only can journaling be a great outlet for your innermost hopes and fears, but it’s been shown to help reduce stress and anxiety — two key factors in maintaining your sobriety.

3. Exercise

You already know that regular exercise can help you reduce your risk of developing preventable diseases such as type 2 diabetes, but did you know that working out can also cut your risk of experiencing anxiety and depressive symptoms?

Take time each day to go for a walk, visit the gym, play with your kids or anything else that gets you up and moving. Research also shows that regular physical activity boosts your ability to self-regulate your response to stress, which means you’ll be able to make healthier choices when faced with situations that might challenge your sobriety.

4. Focus on the positives

It’s all to easy to fall into negative thought patterns, especially if you spend alot of time scrolling through social media feeds and watching the news. Make a point of limiting your daily exposure to negative content, and instead, look for ways to focus on positive people, things and situations.

Start each day by making a point of noticing the good that surrounds you. This could be as simple as smiling at a stranger, enjoying a moment in the sun, or even recognizing how far you’ve come in your recovery.

5. Be grateful

Addiction is characterized by negative thought patterns and self-destructive behaviors, and that can make it difficult to find reasons to feel gratitude.

Start each day by recognizing that you have a great deal to be grateful for. You have the opportunity to learn from your past mistakes, connect with supportive professionals and peers, and create a bright, healthy future for yourself.

If you’re looking to make this your best sober year yet, Baystate Recovery Center is here for you. Contact our team of drug and alcohol abuse specialists today to find out how evidence-based addiction treatment can help you achieve lasting success.